Phones Down

Troubleshooting a report of all phones down should include the following steps. 

Verify if the pcs are on the same internet circuit and if so can they view webpages from the pc's. 

If they can browse verify that the phones are able to get an ip off the network dhcp server (modem/router/dhcp server/Switch).

3. IF the phones and pcs both are offline. Reboot Network equipment(modem, then router, then switch). If still unable to browse 

contact Spectrum if ugs provided to troubleshoot the connection. If customer providing their own internet refer them to their isp to troubleshoot the internet connection. 

2. If only a few phones are down and dont get an ip move to a network jack where a working phone is to verify if the issue is the phone network port or configuration settings of device . 

3. If phone gets online from another jack on same lan then issue is the network port or jack at original location. (This will require customer to have their it vendor check network port or jack cabling) If no it vendor available offer a billable dispatch to send our tech out. 

4. If phone cant come up from another network jack that a working phone connects at check phone settings to see if its being assigned a valid ip from the network. Verify that the phone is set the same way as other phones for ip assignment (static/dhcp) DHCP is the standard configuration in most networks. IF this is not set to match other phones change ip settings and let phone reboot and this should bring it online. Ensure that they have available IPs in their dhcp pool if using dhcp for the phones to obtain their own ip to use to access the internet.

5. If phone still has no ip or invalid ip check that cable is secure and try to factory default the phone and reprogram it.  

6. If phone still wont come online or dont see traffic coming from it once it obtains a network ip check that their is no vlan configuration missing for this device and if so ensure that its getting an ip assigned from the correct ip range for that vlan and has the correct gateway. 

7. Ensure that network device isnt denying traffic(Firewall, router acl, mac filters). 

8. Try to connect device to another network if possible and if phone still wont come online properly issue a replacement for device.