Steps to connect Yealink T27 and T29 deskphone to wifi

Process  to connect to network after connecting wifi dongle to t27/T29 Yealink Phones

1. click ok to scan available wifi networks

2. Select network and then enter security key and press ok.

3. Once connection is successful you will see a green check to the right of the network name.

To view connection status 

1. press the menu key in lower right corner of the screen. 

2. Then select basic and press ok.

3. Scroll down and highlight option 8 (Wifi) and once highlighted press ok

This next screen will show you if wifi is on. If on 

4. Wifi status will show if your connected to your wireless network.

5. If your connected highlight the connection name and press ok and the next screen will show channel and connection strength. 

6. IF you’re not connected you can click option 6 available networks to try to locate your wireless network to connect to. 

7. Upon discovering your network select and input security credentials and then click connect to join wifi network.