How to put obi/polycom gateway in bridge mode

This article explains how to bridge an obi gateway so the device is on the same subnet as other devices when connecting a network printer to the lan port on the gateway.

  1. Enter the ip assigned to the gateway in firefox or chrome browser (Internet Explorer will not work to pull up gateway gui).(Router mode will typically be using
  2. Login to the gateway gui with the ugs credentials   Username: admin Password: 766285
  3. After you login click on the option on the left labeled Router configuration and then once expanded click on Lan Settings
  4. The field labeled operation mode should be set to bridge not Router. (If set to router click the check box to the right and select bridge from the dropdown and then hit submit at the bottom of the screen.
Inline image

After setting to bridge mode ensure under the DHCP Server Settings that the dhcp is disabled. click the check to the right and then click the box next to enable to disable dhcp on the lan. click submit and then click reboot to apply. 

After the ata reboots you should be able to login and the Lan Settings screen should look like the below picture.