How to fix incorrect time display on Phones connected to Gateway

For customers with an on premise pbx if their system isnt feeding correct time to phones Access the web gui in the UGS provided gateway and set the timezone to match clents timezone.

Step 1. Use an application such as advanced ip scanner to identify the ip assigned to the obihai polycom gateway provided by UGS.  

Step 2. Once the ip assigned is identified input that ip into google chrome or mozilla firefox web browser. (in the example below gateway ip is you will then be presented 

with the login page as seen below.


Input the login credentials and click sign in. 

Step 3. After you successfully login you will click the + Button in front of the option Router Configuration

Then click the hyperlink labeled Wan Settings and scroll down to Time Service Settings Heading and set the timezone to your local timezone.

Click submit and reboot the unit to apply configuration.