How to Park and Unpark a call from Yealink desk phone and wireless phones

Utilizing the Park function allows you to put a call on hold in a place where another extension can grab the call to speak to caller when they are ready rather than using a hold which holds the call locally on the phone that puts the call on hold and can only be resumed from the local phone and not another user. 

Parking and Unparking a call from a Yealink Deskphone

If you want to park a call for another colleague to be able to answer when they are ready or pick up the call from another phone you simply press the button next to the screen labeled "Call Park" The call will then be transferred to one of your open park positions. (Typically either 601, or 602).  While transferring to the parking lot you will hear where the call is being parked. You will hear a greeting such as call parked on 601.  

2. The phones will then see a red light next to the position where the call is parked. (either Park 601 or 602).  To answer the parked call you would just press the Park 601 or Park 602 where the car was parked on the phone you want to answer and the call will be transferred to that phone to continue the conversation.


Parking and Unparking a call from a Yealink Wireless Handset

If you recieve a call on your wireless handset and need to park it for another party to pick up when they are ready, Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Press the * key on the lower left of the keypad 3 times and the call will be transferred to the park position (either 601, or 602) You will hear an audio greeting advising if the call was parked on 601 or 602.
  2. Unparking a call from a wireless handset can be acomplished by pressing the extension and send key(green phone icon) to transfer the call to that handset to resume the call. So you would either press 601 send or 602 send depending on which park position the call was parked on to transfer the call to that wireless handset to resume the conversation.