How to Forward a line to an external # from the phone portal.

This article will explain how to forward a main line pointing to a user/queue/auto attendant component to an external # to directly send calls to an offnet number. You must have Office manager permissions to be able to make these changes in the phone portal.

Step 1. After you login to the portal click the inventory option. Once that option is loaded ensure you are on the phone number tab.

Step 2. Locate the Phone number in the list of #'s you want to forward and click the pencil icon to the right.  You will then

be brought up with a dialog as seen below to edit the routing for the line number. 


Step 3. Change the Treatment field  from User/Call Queue/Auto Attendant to PSTN Number

Step 4. In the PSTN Number field input the destination number. (in this example 9137877627 is where we are redirecting the calls to.) and then press the blue save button to implement the forward.