Forwarding Line pointed to Call Queue via the UGS Handset.

For this method to work from a handset the Users phone must have a shared line appearance button for the extension of the call queue that the did is pointed to. (Did must be set to User in the phone portal for treatment and then the queue extension for destination as seen below.


Forwarding Calls

From the  Yealink phone in the office press, the key on the phone labeled as the shared line.

Then press *72 and the destination # (Example*729138943844) you will then hear a playback "Call forward always to 9138943844

Hang up phone forward has been set successfully.

Unforwarding Calls
From the Yealink office phone  press, the key on the phone labeled Main line Forward (button 7 on right of display)
*73 then you will hear playback that says forwarding is now disabled.

Hang up the phone and calls are now routed back to the phones in the office.