SNAPmobile Soft client for mobile device setup

The snapmobile client can be used with an Android or Apple IOS Device. This allows you to make and recieve calls from your enterprise phone system provided by UGS.   The application is available for download from the Play store and ITunes store for free. If you have a QR Scanner  on your mobile device and your logged into the ugs phone portal click the phone tab as illustrated below to download the application directly.


Once your on the phone tab click the Blue UGS Button and you will get a popup with a qr bar for IOS or Android device. you can xan the appropiate qr bar to begin downloading the app if you have a qr scanner on your mobile device

Below are the steps to configure the client for your mobile phone to connect to the UGS 

Snapmobile  Login Screen




The top line will need input ugsapp

Username: is the same username used to login to the online web phone portal. 

Password is the same password used to login to the online phone portal

Once this information is input correctly you should be able to login  using the orange login button.