SNAPmobile Web Based soft phone Client

How to login and make calls from UGS Web Phone

Step 1  login to the online phone portal with your ugs provided credentials.

Step 2.  Once you have logged in click the Link labeled UGS Web Client in the upper right to launch the web client as seen below. 


Step 3. You will need to ensure your popup blocker is disabled and you should then have a popup from the web phone to sign in as seen below.























Step 4. After making successful login you will see your contacts screen. 























To listen to voicemail, you will click the voicemail  icon 



icon and enter pin as you would from hard phone.



To view call history, click the        



icon to see placed, missed and received calls.    


To view chat and sms history click the 



icon to review chat and sms history. 



How to place calls from the web Client

Step 1. Click the Orange circle icon 


in the lower right corner of the web client to expand it.


Step 2. Click the white 

 icon to bring up the number pad to dial a number to place a call. 

Once you click the white 

icon your screen will then show the # pad as seen below.

Step3. Input the destination extension or # you want to call using either the keys on the phone pad or by typing in from your keyboard as seen below.

Step 4. Press the green 

icon to initiate the call. 

Step 5. The call screen will then look like below once the client begins to send and connect the call 

To the other party.