Verifying the calling # ID for a phone line

If you have a question about the line # assigned to a line you can place a call to the following #'s and the system will read back the # that is assigned to that line.

Step 1 to test Dial 800-444-0800, 800-444-2222, 800-444-3333, 800-444-4444 or 800-444-5555

Step 2. listen to the playback of your assigned # for that line. 

With Voip based service like UGS offers this can often be set on our side. Generally all lines will display the main # for an entity or the fax # assigned to that line, unless provided to UGS. 

This is a good way to test if clients are reporting a different # seen when you call them, which could be an issue downstream or a local contact book on their phone with invalid contact information populating the wrong cid on their side. 

If you call one of these #'s and get another # it may need to be addressed as it could be set to another # in your inventory and UGS can update the provisioning on our side to display it the way you would like for outgoing caller id number.