What is EFAX and how to send an outbound EFAX

What is an EFAX and how it works

UGS EFAX utilized a server that is able to electronically communicate with traditional fax machines and email Servers and covert media from email to Fax to send over traditional public switched telephone networks. The UGS EFAX product requires you to have no additional hardware or software or login credentials for a specialized app, you can simply generate an outbound fax from your favorite email application or recieve inbound messages in email format in your email inbox.  Our server is able to take your published fax number and map it to a email address or distribution list email address, (Useful if multiple parties need access to recieve and send faxes).  (Your mail server will need to allow member to both send and recieve if using an email associated with a distrubution list. 

Supported File Formats: Word (.doc and .docx), PDF, Excel

How to send an outbound EFAX

Step 1. Log into your favorit email client(outlook, thunderbird) or mailserver via a browser and generate a new message.

Step 2. Input in the two field the destinationfax#@nativefax.net and fill in the subject and if attaching a document attach to the email and then press send. You should have something similiar to below.

Step 3. You will recieve a summary report back from the following address. NativeFAX <No-Reply@NativeFAX.net> so ensure that is whitelisted as this will be  inbound address delivering new faxes and Delivery reciepts.

Step 4. Review summary report to see if fax was successful. If unsuccessful as seen below it will give a reason why it failed. Please send this to our support team if you have issues as we will need this to locate transaction and troubleshoot further.


Successful Delivery Report

How to recieve an E-FAX

Step 1. Provide your client with your UGS FAX Number.

Step 2. Once they send a fax to your UGS Number Login to your email address that is provisioned for UGS Faxing service and you should see a new fax From Sender Native fax.  If your email address is not associated with your UGS EFAX you wont be able to recieve or send EFAXES. 

Step 3. If your not recieving EFAXES in your email ensure that your mailserver is not quarrantining or blocking mail delivery from NATIVEFAX.NET domain also check to ensure your invididual email scanner is not moving the emails to your junk folder within your Mailbox in your email application. 

Sample inbound EFAX